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Report Non-compliance

Report concerns about a licensee or licensed business.

The Office of Professional Licensure and Certification (OPLC) is responsible for the enforcement of regulatory requirements for qualifying NH licensed professionals and businesses.  This oversight ensures public safety and efficacy of practicing licensed professions and businesses.

Submitting a Complaint: [email protected]

Who can file a complaint?

Any person(s) who feels or has evidence that a qualifying licensee or licensed business is in violation of their profession’s rules and regulations or demonstrates unethical practices.

What happens when a complaint is filed?

  • The complaint is received by the OPLC Enforcement Unit.
  • An OPLC investigation is conducted.
  • When a complaint is supported by substantiating facts or evidence, it is presented to the appropriate Board for the qualified licensee or business for further review and enforcement.  

Responding to a complaint:

  • Licensee Notification Letter is sent by the OPLC Enforcement Unit to the licensee along with a copy of the complaint, requesting a written response to the allegations in the complaint.
  • The written response should be sent in a trackable manner, so that you may verify the response has been received by the board of nursing office. For example:
    • Email
    • Email attachment
    • United States Postal Service or other postal delivery service such as Fed Ex, DHL or United Parcel Service (UPS).
  • The OPLC Enforcement Unit opens an investigation.
  • The complaint with investigation findings is submitted to the appropriate Board for a ruling.

The Board’s Review:

  • The Board will review the matter in a non-public session at a monthly board meeting. The Board may:
    • Dismiss the complaint
    • Dismiss the complaint with a Letter of Concern (which is confidential and not disciplinary)
    • Vote to move forward with the disciplinary process